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Specializing in the purchase of Real Estate Receivables and Structured SettlementsGet CASH now for your real estate note, contract, mortgage, deed of trust or structured insurance settlement.

Are you receiving payments on a Real Estate Note or Structured Settlement? If the answer is "yes," we can help you sell all, or a portion, of your remaining payments for CASH. 

1st United Note Buyers is an experienced mortgage broker, specializing in real estate receivables and structured insurance settlements. We provide professional, personalized service to meet your cash need. 


We provide variety of services

Pays Off

 Pay off high-interest credit cards and other debts

Always available

 Pay elder-care expenses


Cash for larger purchases such as an auto, boat or vacation


 Cash down payment on another property


Pay college expenses
Pay off medical bills
 Pay moving expenses


Unburden yourself from the possibility of default and the expense/hassle of foreclosure

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